About Revsolz

RevSolz Corp. is a progressive company providing frac solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry.

RevSolz's visionary and talented team is developing the most comprehensive, unique, interactive & AI/ML infused cloud-based software for the oilfield.

Our Story

RevSolz was founded by a group of highly experienced, talented, and determined professionals with extensive, and diversified oil & gas industry experiences. Imagine a world where your company's completion data acquisition is smart and connected. Envisioning a cloud-based brain working round the clock with predictive alerts and stunning visualizations, RevSolz makes this game changing dream a reality.

RevSolz is the industry's most comprehensive and unique frac solution provider with surface monitoring & analytics, supplying clients with all the smart monitoring devices for data acquisition and comprehensive cloud-based software. We are a team of industry and technology experts who are focused to bring revolutionary frac solutions with modern, interactive & AI/ML infused software to the oilfield.

Our Mission

To deliver cutting-edge IoT Frac Solutions to Oil & Gas Sector.

Our Vision

Becoming the exemplary driver in the process of digital transformation.

Our Values


Safety and health management is one of the vital constituents of Oil & Gas industry activities because most of the operational conditions pose serious safety and health threats to the workers.

At RevSolz, we are committed to keep outstanding safety records and this is directly attributed to our thorough safety protocols.


Trust is a sense of being relied upon. It is the feeling of being sure about something, even if it cannot be proved.

At RevSolz, we are creating a Trust bond with our clients and unconditionally delivering the impossible.


A dream is an inspiring image of the future that energizes your mind, emotions, and empowers you to do everything you can to achieve it.

The idea is what exists in the mind as a representation or as a formulation of thought through imagination. Innovation Is the act of turning imaginative ideas into reality.

We are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. Our creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for us to be able to express ourselves openly and without judgment.


When it comes to saving the ecosystem there are many things that we can do to help protect the ecosystem while living a sustainable life.

All the ecosystems that make up our environment are deeply connected. One change to an ecosystem could completely change the dynamic that has been created.

Without protecting and taking care of our ecosystem we’re putting so many lives at danger, animals, plants, crops, and even our own.

Let’s take care …


Belonging is, of course, that feeling of connectedness to a group or community. It’s the sense that you’re part of something. You feel attached, close, and thoroughly accepted by your people.

But being connected is more than just being part of a group. Being connected is also critically tied to social identity—a set of shared beliefs or ideals. To truly feel a sense of connectedness, you must feel unity and a common sense of character with and among members of your group.


We found the secret to success in leadership. There is a great saying. Leaders become not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.

We want to learn, walk, and share the path together with our clients and create a legacy that inspires others to dream, learn, do, and become more.

Pioneering the new wave of Frac Solutions