FracSol FDI makes it faster and simpler to enhance understanding of Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV).

Fracture Driven Interactions

FracSol FDI represents a significant advancement in tackling the complex subsurface phenomenon of Fracture Driven Interaction (FDI), which can severely impact well production. This issue, commonly known as "frac hits," "frac bashings," or "frac shadows," often leads to companies not meeting their production forecasts. Distinguished by its speed and comprehensive analysis, FracSol FDI ensures that no critical event is missed. The software excels in automatically detecting, categorizing, and highlighting fracture interaction events in real-time, providing operators and engineers with a swift and precise assessment.

In addition to its analytical capabilities, FracSol FDI is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This allows users to interact seamlessly with the data, gaining deeper insights into the intricate nature of FDI. Such interaction is crucial in enhancing the understanding of Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV), a key factor in optimizing well performance. The combination of advanced analytics and user-friendly design makes FracSol FDI a vital tool in the industry, empowering professionals to make more informed decisions and improve well productivity.


Discover the power of FracSol's advanced automation, which efficiently identifies, categorizes, and visually presents fracture interactions. Experience the convenience of assessing interference severity through comprehensive tables, charts, and maps, optimizing reservoir performance effortlessly


Reporting is essential for conveying reservoir insights. Our concise reports bridge data analysis with actionable information, ensuring stakeholders have a clear view of performance. With our reporting tools, summarize FDI events, production trends, and reservoir behavior to make informed decisions and optimize production goals.


FracSol FDI empowers users to overlay identified FDI events, facilitating a direct comparison of intensities, magnitudes, and volumes generated by each fracture interaction. Gain a deeper understanding of your reservoir's behavior and optimize your decision-making effortlessly.


Our FDI module seamlessly integrates historical production data, automatically generating and identifying production gains and losses while establishing crucial relationships with identified FDI events. Gain unparalleled insights into your reservoir's performance with precision and ease.


Unlock the potential of geospatial data with our advanced technology. Our platform enables dynamic dashboards that integrate treatment and offset data, offering a transformative way to visualize reservoir dynamics and fracture interactions beyond traditional tables and charts.


Our platform empowers you to create interactive statistical dashboards that harness the power of analyzed treatment and offsetting well data. Access real-time performance indicators for superior asset management, making informed decisions that drive operational excellence


Advanced pattern recognition enhances the learning process, enabling algorithms to discover regularities and effectively classify FDI interactions into precise categories. Elevate your analysis with intelligent insights.


Experience a new dimension in reservoir analysis with our immersive 3D visualization tools. Gain unparalleled insights into fracture interactions, reservoir dynamics, and FDI events through interactive, lifelike representations, revolutionizing your decision-making process.

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