Your wells are under 24/7 superior surveillance. RevSolz's smart wireless sensors continuously push new data for real-time Offset Well Monitoring and analysis.

Offset Well Monitoring

Elevate your operational efficiency with FracSol OWM's seamless integration, accommodating a variety of sensor systems, be it our sensors, third-party sensors, or SCADA systems. Our advanced sensors boast unmatched accuracy and deliver high-resolution data, forming the backbone of real-time decision-making. Utilize our pressure monitoring IoT & BI platform to access interactive dashboards, complete with instant Real-Time Streaming through Kafka.

Customize alarms effortlessly based on thresholds, slopes, or differentials, ensuring smart and timely notifications via text, email, or any device (Mobile, Web, Desktop). Navigate through the realm of analytics, blending real-time and historical data seamlessly for insightful decision-making. Enjoy 24/7 well monitoring, complemented by the flexibility to add real-time annotations as needed. FracSol OWM simplifies operations, providing constant surveillance and control, making sensor accuracy, resolution, and frequency the driving forces behind your operational success.


We meticulously adhere to regulatory guidelines, implementing robust data protection, access control, and encryption measures. Our commitment to DIRECTIVE-83 compliance ensures the highest standards of data security, providing a trusted and secure environment. With our platform, you can confidently meet and exceed regulatory requirements, safeguarding your data throughout its lifecycle.


Implement smart alarm settings with the flexibility to push notifications to any device, be it mobile or web. Receive alerts through text messages, emails, or the web, and tailor your smart alarms based on shifts (day/night) or specific criteria like threshold, intensity, and/or differentials for enhanced monitoring.


Smart, reliable, accurate & ultra-high-resolution wireless pressure sensors. Benefit from a secure, robust, and swift data transmission that empowers users to make informed decisions promptly.


Unlock unparalleled well visibility by seamlessly integrating any SCADA system with FracSol OWM. Effortlessly monitor your wells, enabling a unified and comprehensive view for effective decision-making. Your well data, your way—maximize efficiency with FracSol OWM's adaptable and inclusive approach to SCADA integration.


Strengthen your data security with our cutting-edge FracSol platform, incorporating high-security protocols. Ensure the management and maintenance of advanced infrastructures for compliance, providing a secure environment for your sensitive data.


Transform data into insights effortlessly with our dynamic charting tools. Gain a comprehensive understanding of real-time operations and historical trends through interactive visualizations. Elevate your data exploration experience with intuitive tools that simplify complexity and empower you with actionable insights.


Experience seamless well monitoring around the clock with a 24/7 cloud-based login. Our intelligent IIOT platform consistently delivers real-time data, ensuring comprehensive and immediate analysis for informed decision-making.


Unlock immediate insights with multi-layer maps and geocoding, adding valuable geographic context to your analysis. This dynamic visualization tool empowers you to make predictions and gain insights beyond the capabilities of traditional tables and charts.

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