3D Visualization

Animation is still frequently associated with children's cartoons. However, the advantages of industrial 3D animation for the oil and gas sector are enormous.

All aspects of the oil and gas sector are increasingly using 3D modeling, visualization, animation, and virtual reality.

Utilizing this cutting-edge design technology has a variety of advantages, including better communication, increased creativity, enhanced decision-making, more successful presentations, and financial gains.


Why is the use of 3D modeling and visualization necessary in oil & gas and especially in fracking?

It actually improves your understanding and quantification of well interactions. 

To better comprehend how these well interactions occur, it’s crucial to have some form of the 3D model of fracture-driven interactions (FDIs), often referred to as frac hits, as they can have a detrimental impact on well production and cause companies to miss both short- and long-term production projections.

Furthermore, 3D interactive visualization is very helpful for drawing conclusions and producing outcomes for further decision-making, as well as better understanding concepts, issues, and phenomena that occur on the ground that cannot be achieved from 2D maps.


Revsolz 3D visualization

You'll be able to see both fundamental and in-depth information. Nevertheless, we also want to understand how any FDIs occurred in order to determine what kind of detrimental impact they may create in real-time.

When you take action, a response is generated. You will be able to generate the magnitudes, intensities, VFRs, SFRs, and all related interference information and diagnostics in plots, maps, and tabular formats.

In other words, it will be possible for engineers to determine whether this communication is:

  • vertical,
  • horizontal, or
  • diagonal


Reasons why we will benefit from 3D models

  1. Greater precision
  2. Being aware of potential problems in advance
  3. Taking less time to plan


For our users to be able to look at, play with, and interact with the data and draw their own conclusions. Simply put, enables decision-making faster between the interference we observe on the offset wells and what is occurring at the wellbore.

The 3D visualization itself is a tremendous bonus where we can start to understand whether interference relates to the rock, completion design & type, depletion, and/or lateral zone landing.

In conclusion

Companies in the oil and gas industry are coming up with creative ways to take advantage of the latest IoT technologies for subsurface studies, training, and simulation, as well as developing and improving operational procedures.

The usage of 3D models has quickly shown a variety of advantages that have led to enhanced efficiency, safety, accuracy, quality and as well as a decrease in project cost-saving which was more than enough for us to take the step into the 3D world.


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